"As an Oracle, I won't die!" - Elia

The Game

Shishi Origins III is an RPG inspired mostly by Final Fantasy, Zelda, Dragon Quest and Tales Of series.

In this episode of the Shishi Origins series, you will follow the story of Ethan and Elia, who will have to save the Kingdom from destruction...

Genre: Adventure, RPG

Players: 1

Platform: PC

Time is your ally

Dynamic turn-based battles

The Battle System of Shishi Origins III is made of turn-based and real-time elements. You can attack or use different magic skills and objects.

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Explore dungeons

During your quest, you will sometimes have to explore dungeons full of puzzles and treasures. But beware, monsters often like to hide in those.

Succeed in the trials

Prove your value to the Goddess by trying to pass the Chronos Trials. If you succeed, you'll unlock new powers.

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Discover new places

During your adventure, you will have to travel through various places with people who can help you in your quest or monsters who will attack you.




Ethan is the king of the Shishi Kingdom. He trained to use a sword since his young age and knows several water magic skills. His main weapon is a sword made of two blades.



Sent by the Goddess of Time, Elia is an Oracle which have the task of saving the world. With her right eye, called an Eye of Time, she can see what another version of her in another Timeline sees at the same moment. It is that same eye that has showed her an event that will bring the world to an end...



Shishi Origins III

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